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 Author  Arendt Hannah
 Title  Eichmann and the Holocaust
 BookID  115200  Asking Price (£)  75.00
 Publisher  Penguin Books  Edition  1st This Edition
 Published Place  England  Book Condition  Very Good
 Published Year  2005  Jacket Condition  Not Applicable
 This is an unopened set of 20 books fronted by Hannah Arendt Eichmann and the Holocaut. there are a further 19 tritles which are The First Ten Books, The Art of War, The Synmposium, Sensation and Sex. An Attack on an Enemy of Freedom, Revelation ad the Book of Job, Travels in the Land of Kubilai Khan, The City of Ladies, How to Achieve True Greatness. Of Empire, Of Man, Urne-Burial, Miracles and Idoloatry, On Suicide, On the Nature of War, Fear and Trembling, Where I lived and What I lived For, Conspicuous Consumption, The Myth of Styphus. Thde plastic wrapping is intact but some light yellowing has occurred on the top of the books asnd an inch in on the bottom otherwise in excellent condition. This series was designed to let you take a look into and bring you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionairies whose ideas shook civilsation and helped make us who we are.
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