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 Author  Anderson Hans
 Title  Favourite Strories from Hans Anderson
 BookID  113938  Asking Price (£)  6.00
 Publisher  Edmund Ward  Edition  1st This Edition
 Published Place  Leicester  Book Condition  Good
 Published Year  1950  Jacket Condition  No Jacket
 Altho the boards are scruffy the inside of this book is excellent and the oillustrations by Rene Cloke are delightful. There is an introduction on the life of Hans Anderson by Roger Lancelyn Green at the front and the stories are The Ugly Duckling; The Swineherd; The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, Tiny Thum,belina, The Tinder Box, The Noightingale, The Real Princess amnd The Steadfast Soldier. There are 100 pages and almost every page has a coloured illustration. A delight dor any child to read.
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