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 Author  Blades William
 Title  The Biography & Typeography of William Caxton
 BookID  10642  Asking Price (£)  47.50
 Publisher  Frederick Muller Ltd  Edition  1st
 Published Place  London  Book Condition  Very Good
 Published Year  1971  Jacket Condition  Very Good
 Caxton was England's first printer. There is an introduction by James Moran 383pp The kioriginal work was published in 1861 and 1863 in 2 volumes but, to use Blades own words "they were costly and cumbersome". During the Caxton Celebrations of 1876 - 7 he decided to issue a single volume edition brought up to date with additional material and in a more handy form. It is that edition whcih has been reprinted as being more convenient for today's reader. A superb book.
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