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Naseby Books - Book Details
 Author  Shaw T P G
 Title  The Handbook and Catalogue of Canadian Transportation Postmarks
 BookNumber  114807  Asking Price (£)  75.00
 Publisher  Royal Philatelic Society of Canada  Edition  1st
 Published Place  Canada  Book Condition  Very Good
 Published Year  1963  Jacket Condition  No Jacket
 The book covers their identification and classification with Historial Notes up to 1963. The book was new at the time and greatly expanded the edition of the booklet published in 1944 as the Catalogue of Canadian Railroad Cancellations, the new title indicating its wider range. It includes 2100 differenmt runs for Railways, Inland Waterways and Coastal Postmarks. In addition to the new section giving hisotircal informationm new tables of clerks' names and Newfoundland Travelling Post Office cancellations have been added. Included within the book are some stamps and ephemera which belonged to the previous owner, relative to the page of insertion. Frontispievce is the First Railway Engine in Canada and St Lawrence Railroad 1837. Of interest to stamp collectors as well as Railway collectors.
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