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 Author  Stern Laurence Aka Mr Yorick
 Title  A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
 BookID  113910  Asking Price (£)  120.00
 Publisher  Unknown  Edition  1st in This Format
 Published Place  London  Book Condition  Good
 Published Year  1780  Jacket Condition  Not Applicable
 The book has been professionaly rebound and the contents show some wear but the pages are complete and in readable condition. All the s letters are shown as f's but once you get into the swing of reading the stories this is not a problem. Unfortunately the title page is missing which mens I do not know who the publishers were however, it is the 4 volumes in one volume. The first 2 volumes are written by Stern and the 3rd and 4th volumes have been completed by his friend Eugenius. Printing is probably 1780. Dark brown leather with 5 gold rings on spine with Yorick and Sentinemntal Journey within first set of rings in gilt. Page 91 shows Starling Coat of Arms.
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